quarta-feira, 9 de junho de 2010

Lançamentos do mês de Maio

Musings - A random selection of poems; Treasure Gibson

Lançamento do livro, dia 28 de Maio, no Clube Literário do Porto

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  1. It was an excellent evening, and the book of Poems a delight.

  2. Hi! Wellcome to my humble home...

    What you said is absolutely true and I can say it with property once I didn't write the book or organise the event.
    Take care,

  3. I think a launch is only the begining, its like a space rocket, its launched then you have to work at keeping it in the air!

  4. As usually you're absolutely right! But you're talking out of experience and no doubt among our authors you're probably the one that works the hardest - and loves to do it!
    Treasure is working, as well, still learning the trade, thought.
    As you're both so nice we have been working on some interesting projects for both of you.
    And Julie, I've been spreading the news about you moving to Porto and there are already some new friends waiting for you and volunteering to introduce you the Anglo-American living here. What about that?